This is an intro post to the Error Message Mgt. codeunit and related objects. NAV has never brilliant when it comes to error handling, for a couple of reasons. The error messages themselves sometimes leave a lot to be desired The whac-a-mole nature of fixing multiple errors by finding one at a time and attempting […]

über (Slightly) More Elegant Error Handling in Business Central — James Pearson

This is a quick post for giving a response to a question that comes out in our latest Microsoft’s webcast about creating cloud-based workflows for Dynamics 365 Business Central. In this training I’ve talked a lot about the „When an HTTP request is received“ action in Power Automate (and on Azure Logic Apps too) and […]

über Securing your HTTP triggered flow in Power Automate — Stefano Demiliani

NAV (BC) Integration Old vs. New

Ok this webcast had a clear focus on NAV BC SaaS. But nevertheless I think these two pictures have a clear message.

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When moving from the old NAV world to the new one it is not a question of CAL vs. AL. In my opinion the biggest challenge is to break out from our traditional way of solving problems.

The first picture shows a very familiar scenario. I think most NAV developers including myself will be fine with this solution. But the point is we have a whole set of new tools available which we should get familiar with. And these tools can also be a great help even in On Prem. Power Automate, Logic Apps, Azure functions…

So this is my entry point in the new world. Gather as much information as possible about Azure to be afterwards in a position to make valid decisions. Not everything needs or should be done in NAV BC if we already have tools available which can do the task out of the box.


Business Central Virtual Event

Konnte gestern etwas in den Event reinschauen:

Vor allem hat mich dieser Beitrag interessiert. Ich finde die Integration mittlerweile als sehr gelungen.

Vor allem die Roadmap ist für mich von Interesse. Virtual Entities machen es in der Zukunft möglich, NAV-Daten ins CDS virtuell bereit zu stellen. Es sollen sogar CRUD Operations möglich sein. Das macht für mich vor allem bei der Entwicklung von Hilfstools in PowerApps viel Sinn.

Hier noch ein paar Infos zu aktuellen Stand der Virtual Entities sowie zum Gegenstück in AL:

Create and edit virtual entities that contain data from an external data source

AL Table Proxy Generator

Azure File, Azure Blob and Alibaba Cloud integration in Business Central (with interfaces and telemetry)

Yet another

A codeunit to upload files to different containers, implemented with interfaces and monitored with telemetry


  • The requirement is to replace the reference of „File Management“ codeunit with a new „Azure File Management“ for the SaaS (Cloud) version of Business Central.
  • I want to implement a base „app“ that manages file basic operation on different cloud platforms: upload, download, create folders, copy and move files and folders.
  • I want the app to be reusable by all other app depending on it.
  • I want to monitor the activity with telemetry and application insights.


This project allows me to use in the real world two of the new powerful and wonderful features of Business Central: interfaces and telemetry. Interfaces are available with a minimum of runtime 5 (you have to kiss goodbye older versions of BC).


One of the…

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