Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 2: the evil of the new field changes behaviour

Stefano Demiliani

In the year 2001 after my Master Degree in Computer Engineering I joined a new team inside my company of that time (located in Turin) that had assigned a very exciting project: moving a big distributed application for the cinema industry written in Visual Basic 6 and with SQL Server as backend to a new distributed architecture based on .NET 1.0 and web services.

I remember that we started this very big project (big names of the cinema industry were impacted by this new redesign) asking directly to Microsoft for some consultations on how to handle the software architecture design at best (how to design at best the application layer, data layer, database access, web service layer and so on). An year later I had the pleasure to manage this team and about 1.5 years later the project had the go-live phase. But that’s another story.

From that time, I…

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