How OFFSET in DAX will make your life easier

Data - Marc

Over the past few days, I attended the Power BI Next Step conference in Lego land – Denmark. During the keynote, Will Thompson – PM on the Power BI team, showed a new DAX function that is available to all of us already, but was very well hidden in the latest builds of Power BI Desktop. This new function, called OFFSET, allows us to do in context comparisons between two values, without writing extremely lengthy and complex DAX.

I gave it a go and in this post I share my first experiences with this new function and how I think this will make our life easier!

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Power BI Datamarts, should I use it or not?

Data - Marc

The first post after my vacation. I was in doubt for a while whether I should write this one or not… given the preview state. Since one of the customers I work for asked me for advise today about Power BI Datamarts, I thought lets do it! They convinced me that it would be a valuable blog for many. I hope for you too.

What is this blog about? I will explain my first experiences with Power BI Datamarts which is currently in preview state. I will elaborate on my test cases, the value I see in Datamarts but also some open ends and where you can potentially position it in your Power BI solution architecture.

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Dynamics BC – New Email features

In the past two years I have developed a rather complex emailing solution. I’m making heavy use of the codeunit 400 SMTP Mail which is now longer available in the new version.

So it’s time to make myself feel confident with the new email features. For a quick start I can recommend these two blog posts

Exam DP-500 (beta): Prove your skills as an Azure enterprise data analyst

As I mentioned several times before I love taking beta exams. So I will give this one a go also.

In order to prepare for exam DP-500 I can highly recommend the content on the Data Mozart homepage. I think the articles are well written and it Is always easy to follow the content. For example I really enjoyed the blog post about Creating Calculation Groups.

Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 1 loves Power Automate

Stefano Demiliani

Are you a Power Automate user? Are you using workflows to Automate your tasks in Dynamics 365 Business Central? If so, there are good news for you in the air…

The next 2022 Wave 1 version (or version 20) gives you an interesting new feature: the ability to trigger a Power Automate flow directly from Business Central.

What does that means?

This new feature will permit you to create and connect to Dynamics 365 Business Central your instant flows from Power Automate and execute a selected flow in the context of the selected single record (using actions launched from any card page).

Every card and document page that runs in the context of a data table now features a newAutomategroup in the action bar. From that group, users can run manual flows defined for Business Central.

How does it work?

This feature is not switched on by default…

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