At the airport of Copenhagen (CPH) eating my favorite burger. (Aamanns Burger). Then writing a blog. This is an awkward blog, a blog that was asked for by my colleague Jan when I spent a few days at our office. He asked if I could blog something about converting from C/AL to AL with the […]

über C/AL to AL, but better & faster — Mark Brummel Blog | Microsoft Dynamics NAV

One of my clients called me the other day and asked whether it was possible to export the selected order that was selected in the current report page – as she wanted to send the information to another user. I explained the export data feature from the visual action menu but she didn’t want to […]

über E-mail the selected record in #powerbi with #powerapps and #flow and include a CSV File with the records — Erik Svensen – Blog about Power BI, Power Apps, Power Query

Please Talk Data To Me

Bin ganz zufällig auf diese Seite gestossen. Zuerst habe ich mir gedacht, im Ernst jetzt Podcasts zwischen einer und 2,5 h, das klingt schön ganz schön zäh. Aber ich muss sagen, das Zuhören macht wirklich Spass und man kriegt wirklich auch jede Menge an Insiderwissen auf leichte Art präsentiert. Also unbedingt reinhören:

Please Talk Data To Me

Ten reasons why you should download and learn to use Power BI Paginated Report Builder

Christopher Finlan

Happy weekend all!

Yesterday was a big day for the Power BI team, as we released the first edition of Power BI Paginated Report Builder. Why is this such a big deal? Well, while Report Builder has been around for years, many Power BI users have not only never used the product, they’ve never tried to build a paginated report, period. Now they can do just that, and I’m going to cover the top ten reasons why, if you use Power BI, you should download and learn to use Power BI Paginated Report Builder.

Download Power BI Paginated Report Builder

1. It’s Free.

It’s completely free to download and use. Who doesn’t like free?

2. It doesn’t require Power BI Premium (or even Pro) to use it.

As many in the community know, Paginated Reports are available in Premium workspaces only (Here’s a link to up vote making…

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