Workshops für das neue Jahr

Das neue Jahr hat bereits wieder Fahrt aufgenommen, nur leider bleibt mir nach wie vor viel zu wenig Zeit, um mich dem Thema Fortbildung zu widmen:

Sehr gerne hätte ich diesen Workshop besucht, aber leider ist es mir aus termlichen Gründen unmöglich:

Workshop – Modern Data Warehouse

Etwas besser sieht es hier aus, ist ja auch ein Sonntag:


Und auch von diesen Events sollte sich der eine oder andere ausgehen:

Cloud, Data and AI Hands-on Labs



Barcodes and QR Codes in Dynamics 365 and PowerApps

First I want to mention this excellent blog post, lots of ideas and links…

Next I found this blog post which is really outstanding. I’m really impressed


24 Days of PowerPlatform – Day 17 – Build your PowerPlatform Whish-App


24dopp_day17Welcome to today’s PowerPlatform blog post!

Christmas is approaching very fast and with the use of the PowerPlatform tools I would like to build a Christmas WishApp using PowerApps, PowerBI and Microsoft Flow.

We will build a PowerApp that gathers wishes from the requesters. Those wishes are displayed in a Power BI realtime dashboard which is filled by the use of a Microsoft Flow.

Create the Power BI Dataset

  • Open a browser and navigate to:
  • Log in with your Power BI User Account
  • We need to create a Power BI Streaming dataset (which serves as the datasource for the Santa Wish Dashboard)


  • Add a new streaming Dataset to your Workspace (Select API option)
  • Create the dataset with the following settings


Dataset name:   SantaWishes

WishName      TEXT

Quantity          NUMBER

Requester        TEXT

Historic data analysis     ON

  • Create a new Power BI report based on the data set


  • Create a report with…

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Dataflows in Power BI: Overview Part 7 – External CDM Folders

BI Polar

One key aspect of Power BI dataflows is that they store their data in CDM Folders in Azure Data Lake Storage gen2.[1] When a dataflow is refreshed, the queries that define the dataflow entities are executed, and their results are stored in the underlying CDM Folders in the data lake.

By default the Power BI service hides the details of the underlying storage. Only the Power BI service can write to the CDM folders, and only the Power BI service can read from them.


But Matthew knew that there are other options beyond the default…

Because the CDM folder format is an open standard, any service or application can create them. A CDM folder can be produced by Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, or any other service that can output text and JSON files. Once the CDM folder exists, we just need to let Power BI know…

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Blogging & „The Gap“

Mark Brummel Blog | Microsoft Dynamics NAV

A little over a week ago I attended the Dutch Dynamics Community again, for the first time in a while. It was good to catch up and exchange news with peers in my network.

„You’ve been quiet Mark!“ is what I’ve been told a few times and that’s true. For some time I try to be quiet and focus on things that are more personal like being a dad of five now and trying to manage the project of fixing up my Land Rover Defender.

It’s not a secret that for quite a while I was in big disagreement with the roadmap Microsoft was following and my resignation as Microsoft MVP was a direct result of that.

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” ― Winston Churchill

Last week I’ve joined over 1.400 of my fellow Navision enthousiasts into NAVTechDays. In the…

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