I have been asked to produce a simple construction report, we need to show the last 4 weeks of actual progress data and 6 weeks of forecast and to make thing a little bit complex the average installation since the start of the project, nothing special three measures, average to date, install per week and […]

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Free sample Power BI paginated report – Ultimate Export Report available for download

Christopher Finlan

I recently came across an interesting article on MSSQLTips for SQL Server Reporting Services that showed how you could use a T-SQL query as the parameter value, and have it return a table of data as the result set from that query.  (The original article is here, and I will fully admit that all I did was take this author’s idea (and that of one of the commenters) and stick it into this sample report  – https://www.mssqltips.com/sqlservertip/5757/create-dynamic-ssrs-reports-using-a-query-as-an-input-parameter/)

I wanted to see if this worked for Paginated Reports in Power BI, and of course it does!  So once I put in my connection string information for my Azure SQL database (the original article was against a traditional SQL Server database), I can write just about any select query against that database as a parameter at runtime and get back results in a nice table that can be exported out to Microsoft…

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Dynamic Date Matrix

Wow, diese Time Matrix Tabelle sieht mal sehr gut aus. Wie im Beitrag erwähnt würde man solche Szenarien wohl eher mit Time-intelligence functions lösen, mir jedoch gefällt dieser klassische Ansatz sehr gut. Ok die DAX-Formeln sind jetzt nicht gerade sehr einfach nachzuvollziehen oder gar selber zu erstellen, aber dafür hat man ja solche Refernzartikel gespeichert, um bei Bedarf bei den Profis abzukupfern…

The Dynamic Time Matrix

If you’ve ever built a BI solution it’s likely you will have had to integrate third party data, and if that’s the case you will know how painful it often is to get your hands on that data. Badly designed portals you have to log into every week to download the data, CSV files emailed […]

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