Lernen macht Spass

Mehr aus Neugierde habe ich im letzten Jahr die Prüfung Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI abgelegt, damals war der Kurs übrigens noch im Betastadium.

Da mir das dann wirklich Spass gemacht, habe ich nun heuer noch das zweite „exam“, nämlich Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Excel abgelegt.


Nun darf ich mich   nennen.

Und nach dem Motto „lebenslanges Lernen“ und auch als Herausforderung steht mein nächstes Ziel bereits fest, es soll der MSCE in Data Management and Analytics werden. Dazu gibt es eine ganze Anzahl von Prüfungen, die in Frage kommen. Ich habe mich für Developing SQL Data Models entschieden, einfach weil ich gerne mit Datenmodellen herumspiele.

Als Vorbereitung sind mal diese Kurse (gratis) von edx eingeplant:

Developing a Multidimensional Data Model

Developing a Tabular Data Model

Dazu diese Lektüre:


Und falls erforderlich und weil ich diese Form von Training mit freier Zeiteinteilung sehr schätze, eventuel das noch:

Developing SQL Data Models (180 Day)

Somit habe ich wieder ein Ziel vor Augen….







Solving Real World Scenarios with Microsoft Flow – Challenge No. 4

Microsoft Flow has become a tool for daily business for me. Although I’m doing a lot of database related stuff still with SSIS I like to use flow whenever possible. This time I did the following:

+ Watch an ftp folder for new files arriving

+ Parse XML file content into variables

+ Send an e-mail with the result of the XML file to the customer

What really surprised me was the fact that in this special case it was much easier to do this in Flow rather than in SSIS.  For example SSIS is not natively supporting ftps. In flow it is as easy as this:

What I also liked is the fact I could do my work without having to touch the customers server. The final solution looks pretty an lightweight:

The ideas for achieving this I got from this two resources:





Designing R chart in #Powerbi just got a lot easier for a R novice

Erik Svensen - Blog about Power BI, Power Apps, Power Query

I have for a long time had the wish to use the power of R to create some fancy visuals in PowerBI, but I simply haven’t had the time to read the manual 🙂

Then today I saw a retweet about how to make ggplot2 easily –

And thought that might be able to help me get started – AND IT SURE DID

The tools are still under development so expect a few bumps

First – RStudio

You need to install RStudio on your computer to support the Addin. So if you haven’t done so already – go to https://www.rstudio.com/

To install the addin you can follow the instructions on the github site for the addin – https://github.com/dreamRs/esquisse

Simply insert this in code window and run it

R-Studio will then install the addin and all its help files etc.

Now we can run the addin by running this line


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