If you’ve ever built a BI solution it’s likely you will have had to integrate third party data, and if that’s the case you will know how painful it often is to get your hands on that data. Badly designed portals you have to log into every week to download the data, CSV files emailed […]

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Drillthrough from Power BI to an SSRS Paginated Report

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Navigating from a Power BI report to an SSRS Paginated report with filters and parameters.

Product Versions
SSRS/Paginated Reports (one of the following):
– SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 or newer
– Power BI Report Server
– Paginated Reports in the Power BI service
Power BI Desktop:
– Power BI Desktop May 2019 or newer
All versions of Reporting Services accept parameters in a similar fashion, but subtle changes were made to URL parameter formats in SSRS 2016.  Some adjustments may be required if you want to apply these techniques to SSRS versions prior to 2016.
What You’ll Need
– A Power BI report connected to a data source using import, DirectQuery or SSAS direct connect mode.
Report server:
– Power BI Report Server or a Power BI subscription with Premium capacity (minimum: P1 or A4)
– Moderate level DAX coding skills  
Difficulty level: 200

Designing the Power BI…

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Power BI Report Builder for non-Premium datasets

Das ist wirklich groß. Jetzt können Reports auch ohne Premium Abo im Report Builder erstellt werden. Und wenn dann hoffentlich bald eine Veröffentlichung im Power BI möglich sein wird, dann ist das wirklich eine runde Sache. SSRS watch out, Winter is coming …

Offizieller Link von Microsoft:

Announcing support for non-Premium Power BI datasets in Power BI Paginated Report Builder

One of the things you should know when working with PowerQuery is that you can get a list of all functions in M by adding a blank query and use the #shared expression to get all the functions. This can be turned into a table by clicking the „Into Table“ button on the ribbon and […]

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This planned Blog-Series is dedicated to Power BI with Paginated Reports. The first part handles who to start with this Feature. Paginated Reports are known from Reporting Services to create pixel perfect fitting reports, especially for Printouts and it is more an Feature of Power BI. Before Power BI comes to on premises, it was…

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