Relational / Non Relational DB im Überblick

Most of us database professional are familiar with relational databases like Oracle and SQL Server. This is understandable because most companies are using relational databases. But we also have graph database, object databases, document databases, key-value databases, columnar databases. All of these are known as non relational databases. They are also called NoSQL databases. So […]

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How to change the #PowerBI desktop file connection from data model to a Power BI Service dataset or #AzureAS

Das nennt man dann wohl um die Ecke denken, sehr guter Beitrag…

Erik Svensen

In April 2017 we got the ability to connect our Power BI Reports to datasets in the service (link) and that is really cool.

Today I got a question from a colleague on how to change a reports dataset in order to separate the reports from the data model – thereby having a pbix file with data model and then design reports by connecting to the dataset in the Power BI service and I came up with this workaround.

This technique can also be used if you have reports that you want to change the connection of a report to an Azure Analysis Services or copying a report to another workspace and modify the connection to a dataset in that report.

Let’s see how we can do this

In this example I have designed a data model and report that is connected to data in a SQL database

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Power BI – So viele Artikel – So wenig Zeit

Echt verrückt, wie viel Lesestoff es gibt, hier nur ein paar Links, die ich mir in den letzten Tagen quasi im Vorbeigehen aufgeschrieben habe:

Power BI Premium Demo Tour:

Power BI Licensing:

Power BI Financial Reporting:

Power BI Embedded Azure

Power BI Report Server:

Azure Free Account:


NAV 2018 will be released

Roberto Stefanetti NAV Blog

Hi guys, Great News! NAV 2018 will be released !

„NAV 2018 will be released late…, will become generally available later this calendar year !“

…after a bit of confused news about the existence of NAV 2018 (… and the continuation of the name „Dynamics NAV“ in favor of the „Tenerife“ name only…) finally yesterday the arcane was unveiled directly from a Microsoft post.

YES.. IS REAL ! we will have another release of Dynamics NAV: Dynamics NAV 2018

nav 2018 name

Take a look to this post from Alysa Taylor (General Manager of Global Marketing for the Cloud & Enterprise Business Applications and Industry division):

Simplifying Dynamics 365 offerings

Alysa:  „For small businesses who prefer to install their business management solution on-premises, we will continue to offer Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics SL.  Dynamics NAV 2018 and Dynamics GP 2018 will become generally available later this calendar year. We’re committed…

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