Lesestoff für kalte Winterabende

Mal wieder etwas Lesefutter, hat sich in letzter Zeit bei mir so angesammelt:

Microsoft Flow – Laufende Summe über einen Wert bilden:


Power BI Blog mit technisch anspruchsvollen Artikeln:


Power BI / Excel BI exam scheinen  nun offiziell verfügbar zu sein (vorher beta):



Power BI decision tree:


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 New features:


Und noch was zum Anschauen

Microsoft Integration Tools

Das ist ein Blog vollgepackt mit Ideen und Praxisbeispielen zu Microsoft Integrationsprojekten, viele Infos über Logic Apps, Azure functions etc.


Auch hier gibt es „tons of“ Infos zu Logic Apps usw.


Und auch hier findet man tolle Beispiele mit Logic Apps:




Links und Lesestoff für laue Sommerabende

Es gäbe so viele interessante Berichte, die ich gerne studieren würde. Nur leider fehlt mir im Moment komplett die Zeit. Hier eine kleine Auswahl der Artikel, die ich mir vorgemerkt habe. Hoffe, dass ich das in den paar Tagen Urlaub, die mir bevorstehen, nachholen kann :








Exporting Power Query tables to SQL Server


Microsoft Flow – New Approval feature

I really like to try things out. And the new Approval features looks really promising. A very good video can be found here:


What caught my attention was this picture- the perfect scenario for a new challenge:

I will try to solve the highlighted items as follows:

View Sent requests and view my history: This can be done by saving all requests and approvals to a SQL Database

PowerBI reporting: Send all requests and approvals to the PowerBI streaming dataset

Hopefully my next post will show the final solution.


Solving Real World Scenarios with Microsoft Flow – Challenge No. 3 – Part two

To get things started I use a simple daily schedule – nothing special here:

Then I drag a Data Operations – Compose step on the flow. I use this to calculate the previous day. I have found out that I have to enter the expression with leading and trailing double quotes as otherwise it won’t work.

What I find very strange here is the fact that I can’t edit the item anymore after I have saved it. Seems like a bug to me…

Next comes the HTTP Get step:

The API expects the following format:


I use the CheckDate variable from the previous step to get the rates for the previous day.

Now it’s time for the new Pars JSON step, input is the body of the HTTP step.

To generate the schema all I have to do is pasting the JSON returned by the API.

For information purposes I send myself a mail with the relevant data.

The result looks like this.

As there are only new rates for weekdays I’m using a condition in the next step. Only if the date returned is equal to the previous day proceed to the last step.

First I have to define a streaming dataset in Power BI. Again this is pretty straight forward.

In Microsoft Flow I have defined the counter part as follows.

And that’s all. The rates are transferred to Power BI on a daily basis and only for weekdays (see the gap between 03/17/17 and 03/17/20.

One problem remains. I don’t know why but Live Tiles show no data for my streaming dataset. A bug?


So that’s the story so far. On my wish list I have one big point. Microsoft please provide access to the streaming dataset, e.g. in Power BI Desktop or Power Query …