Solving Real World Scenarios with Microsoft Flow – Challenge No. 2

This is the second challenge:

+ Periodically get currency exchange rates from a web service

+ Insert the rows in a staging table (SQL Database On-premise)

+ Parse inserted Json Data with a stored procedure and insert results in our final Currency Exchange Rates Table.

The resulting Flow would look like this:


Let’s get things started:

HTTP: I’m using to get my data. No Problem so far.

Insert Row: I have installed and configured the On-premises data gateway and it’s working.

Execute stored procedure: Here comes trouble:


Sadly up to now stored procedures are no supported when using a gateway. But hopefully we get this feature soon as stated here.

I then figured out the following workaround. Create an AfterInsert Trigger on the staging table to transfer my data to the final table. But I had now luck:


After some investigation, I found this thread. Currently you can’t use the Insert Row action on a table with an existing trigger.

So, this is really bad. At present neither stored procedures nor triggers are supported when dealing with Microsoft SQL Databases via the On-premises data gateway. Challenge lost at least for the moment.






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