Azure File, Azure Blob and Alibaba Cloud integration in Business Central (with interfaces and telemetry)

Yet another

A codeunit to upload files to different containers, implemented with interfaces and monitored with telemetry


  • The requirement is to replace the reference of „File Management“ codeunit with a new „Azure File Management“ for the SaaS (Cloud) version of Business Central.
  • I want to implement a base „app“ that manages file basic operation on different cloud platforms: upload, download, create folders, copy and move files and folders.
  • I want the app to be reusable by all other app depending on it.
  • I want to monitor the activity with telemetry and application insights.


This project allows me to use in the real world two of the new powerful and wonderful features of Business Central: interfaces and telemetry. Interfaces are available with a minimum of runtime 5 (you have to kiss goodbye older versions of BC).


One of the…

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Power BI Governance – Why you should consider to disable Export to Excel

Data - Marc

Recently, I posted a poll on Twitter to vote for new blog topics. One thing that popped-up in my mind, was more on the governance side of Power BI. A topic where I spend a lot of my day-to-day time, but is maybe less interesting for others? At least that is what I thought. Below the results.

Governance is a new topic for me to write about and less technical than I’m used to. New to this topic? Governance can more less be described the guidelines and settings on a higher framework level that defines what you can and what you cannot do with a specific product or service. It enables the organization in…

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very good article. Put the ftp handler in an Azure function makes it easily reusable. I myself would consider to use winscp within the Azure function to have even more flexibility

Stefano Demiliani

In our recently released „Mastering Dynamics 365 Business Central“ book, in the Azure Function chapter I’ve provided a full example on how to upload and download a file to Azure Blob Storage from a SaaS environment (this was one of the top request I’ve received on all my trainings this year). But many of you have also raised a new more request: in a Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS environment, how can I save a file to an SFTP server?

This is an operation that you cannot do directly from a SaaS tenant, simply because from here you don’t have access to local resources and you cannot execute custom code. In this blog post I want to give you a possible solution that involves using a C# Azure Functions.

The Azure Function that we’ll use for this task is an HttpTrigger with a function called UploadFile defined…

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Lesestoff / Linksammlung

Momentan habe ich echt viel zu tun, trotzdem gibt es immer mehr als genug neuen Lesestoff. Nachfolgend ein kleiner Auszug, muss zugeben, habe selber noch nicht alles gelesen. Aber dafür ist dieser Blogbeitrag ja da, sprich ich kann später nachschlagen…

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“Post and Print” function in Business CentralThe “Post & Print” function was removed since Dynamics NAV 2017, it has been replaced by the “Post & Send” function which allows you to do more things by configuring specific sending profiles.Now the newly posted document is opened after posting, you can print it from there …but if,…

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Here is another interesting use case of Row Level Security (RLS). It’s funny that my first post was also about RLS – when you use RLS, lot of different challenges show up (which are not relevant and do not have any use cases without RLS). In this post we are going to look at how […]

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Power BIte: Turning datasets into dataflows

Sehr gutes Video. Hier wird auf anschauliche Weise gezeigt, wie einfach ein Dataset in einen dataflow ausgelagert werden kann, um so ein zentrales „repository“ aufzubauen…

BI Polar

At this point I’ve said „Power BI dataflows enable reuse“ enough times that I feel like a broken record[1]. What does this phrase actually mean, and how can you take advantage of dataflows to enable reuse in your Power BI applications?

This Power BIte video is a bit longer than its predecessors, and part of this is because it covers both the problem and the solution.

The problem is that self-service BI applications often start out as one-off efforts, but don’t stay that way. At least in theory, if the problem solved by the application was widespread and well understood, there would be an existing solution already developed and maintained by IT, and business users wouldn’t need to develop their own solutions.

Successful applications have a tendency to grow. For self-service BI, this could mean that more and more functionality gets added to the application, or it could…

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Did you know, Analysis Services (the engine behind Power BI) keeps track of the number of referential integrity (RI) issues in your model? It uses this information to decide if some calculations can take advantage of specific optimisations. When RI issues exist in an IMPORT model, complex expressions will not be able to use all…

über Clean data = faster reports — Phil Seamark on DAX

This is a series of posts and exercises from a recent full-day workshop called Next Level Power BI. Check back for additional lessons and freely post your questions and feedback in the comments section after this post. Power Query is a modern data acquisition and transformation technology and it is the „Get Data“ component of Power BI and many other Microsoft tools. The query script language of Power Query is known as „M“ or the Microsoft Data Mashup language. The menu options and selections in the Power Query Editor interface build this „M“ script for you but to use Power Query at an expert level, you must understand fundamental concepts of the language. The post will step you through some essential mechanics of the language to build the necessary fundamental skills.

über Next Level Power BI – M Language Basics — Paul Turley’s SQL Server BI Blog