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  • Moving From C/AL to AL

    Finally I was able to attend a two days online training in order to get a solid introduction into AL Programming. I can highly recommend this course to any C/AL developer who want’s to get started with AL quickly. The intend of this post is not to go into the details of this training. Rather…

  • Microsoft Exam passed

    Finally found the time to take this exam. And yes I guess I’m one of the few developers who likes to deal with accounting topics.

  • Direct Query for Power BI (Preview)

    Direct Query for Power BI (Preview)

    I like this explanation very much. Alberto Ferrari is really good at describing complex topics in an entertaining way. I see a lot of potential in this feature and not just for large enterprises. I like the idea of keeping the data in the cloud and only enriching it with new data and measures. And…

  • PowerApps – Manage Azure Resources

    This looks like a perfect real-world scenario for me. In the last few months I have moved a lot of my personal resources to Azure. Inspired by this article I will try to build an Azure Management Tool with PowerApps

  • Top Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI questions

    An incredible resource. So many topics and questions are handled here. This is probably the most interesting read I have seen for a long time.

  • BC Month End with Power Automate

    Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Josh Anglesea: A month end procedure is a regular topic to be covered when implementing finance with D365 BC. Some finance systems throw a user into a defined routine but with D365 BC it’s much more simplistic. To remove the need for users to be experts wouldn’t a defined…

  • Automatically refresh dataset when dataflow refresh completes — BI Polar

    Back in August I highlighted the new dataflows PowerShell script repo on GitHub. These scripts provide an accelerated starting point to working with the dataflows REST APIs and to automate common dataflows tasks. This week the dataflows team has released two new REST APIs for managing dataflows transactions (think „refresh“) and a new parameterized PowerShell […]…

  • DynamicsCon 2020 – Videos on Demand

    Leider konnte ich live größtenteils nicht dabei sein, aber mittlerweile sind die Sessions ja hier zum Abruf bereit: DynamicsCon 2020  

  • Copy Report Layout between two PBIX files

    Copy Report Layout between two PBIX files

    Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Rui Romano's Blog: This trick was demonstrated in my last session at RADACAD channel: The idea is basically to copy the entire report (pages, filters, bookmarks,…) between two different Power BI Desktop files (.pbix). Why this is useful? Imagine you are building a new Power BI Report and…

  • Doing Power BI the Right Way: 2. Preparing source data — Paul Turley’s SQL Server BI Blog

    Second post in the „Doing Power BI the Right Way“ series. In a business intelligence solution, data must be shaped and transformed. Your data is rarely, if ever, going to be in the right format for analytic reporting. Continue reading → über Doing Power BI the Right Way: 2. Preparing source data — Paul Turley’s SQL…