Business Central Universal Code initiative: are you really so surprised?

Stefano Demiliani

Yesterday Microsoft has officially presented the Business Central Universal Code initiative ( For more details about this initiative, I suggest to read Waldo’s post here or my old post on Simplanova’s blog here.

In summary, with this new offering, selling what is called “non-universal code” (alias extensions not targeted to work online) to new Business Central on-premise customers might require to license two additional modules from 2022 onwards (names of these modules are subject to change):

  • Module “Implemented code is not in extensions”: if implemented partner code includes base application modifications, this module must be licensed.
  • Module “Implemented code is not cloud-optimized”: if the implemented extensions have target = OnPrem, this module must be licensed.

The non-universal code fees have a per full user (Premium or Essential) price with a per-year fee starting from 2023.

The announced timeline is the following:

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