Dynamics 365 Business Central: handling files via FTP on SaaS

Stefano Demiliani

I’ve written lot of time ago a post on how to save a file from Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS to an FTP server. The solution can be found here.

After this post I’ve received lots of requests about how to do the opposite: if someone sends me a file on an FTP server, how can I retrieve the file, parse it and then save the data into Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS?

There are certainly different ways for doing that, but (as promised in the past days to some of you) in this post I want to describe what I think it’s one of the best solution in terms of performances, scalability and reliability. The schema of the solution is the following:

Here, we’re using an Azure Logic App for connecting to an FTP server (via the FTP connector). The Logic App retrieves the content of the uploaded…

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