Dynamics 365 Business Central 2023 Wave 1 and the new CRONUS license: what you need to know.

Stefano Demiliani

Dynamics 365 Business central 2023 Wave 1 release (version 22) comes out with the first version of a totally renewed and super-powered CRONUS license.

The new CRONUS license is borned with ISVs and DevOps practices in minds and it will be available in the Docker artifacts and in the Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises download package.

What features the new CRONUS license have?

The new CRONUS license have the following capabilities:

  • RIMDX permissions on all objects in 1-99.999.999 range which includes all MS and AppSource ranges + the system tables: this will permit you to publish, install and run any app source app with the demo license in an on-premises environment.
  • The new license is still be limited to accounting periods from November – February only and all other application’s restrictions like in the past (see here for details).
  • The new license will only be shipped in .bclicense format and…

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