Solving Real World Scenarios with Microsoft Flow – Challenge No. 3

So I really like playing around with Microsoft Flow. In this „challenge“ I did basically the following:

  • Calling the fixer api on a daily basis
  • Parse the JSON reponse
  • do some logical tests
  • Send myself an e-mail with the current fx rates
  • Add the content to a Power BI Streaming dataset

Although the result looks quite simple it took me a while to figure things out. I will go through each step in the next posting…


Microsoft Flow – Parse JSON messages

As stated here Microsoft Flow now supports Json:

So I was eager to try it out. Created a simple Flow with the new Action „Parse Json“.  But ran into the following error:


So I did a search in the Microsoft Flow Forum and fount this thread:

It seems that this new feature is still in ALPHA Status. Hope MS gets this fixed soon.