Microsoft Flow – Business process flows from a traditional Flow perspective

SharePains by Microsoft MVP Pieter Veenstra

Recently Microsoft added Business process flows to their Microsoft Flow platform. If you thought that this was just like Flow then you will very quickly find out that it is not.

A bit of background first

As part of Dynamics 365 there is the Process Center.

Within the Process Center you can maintain processes within Dynamics 365.

By clicking on one of the process links you get to the process maintenance screen.

This is where you can add steps to your flow in Dynamics 365

For my Flow followers a quick overview of what this gives to us in Dynamics 365. In the below screenshot you can see the green section that shows the different stages in a process related to leads.

This green section is where users are guided to fill in certain bits of data. The matching process for the above lead is shown below. The 4 blue…

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