Calling Microsoft Flow From Power Query And Power BI

Chris Webb's BI Blog

Since last week’s blog post caused quite a lot of interest, here’s something similar: did you know you can trigger a Flow in Microsoft Flowand get a response from it back using Power Query/Power BI?

To start off, I suggest you read this post by Irina Gorbach which shows how a Flow can be triggered by a call to a REST API. Now consider the following Flow which is similar to the one in that post:


It has a Request trigger:


…a Translate text step as the second step, that takes the text passed in to the Request trigger through the request body and passes it to the Microsoft Translator API where it is translated from English to French:


…and then, finally, returns the translated text back using a Response step:


It’s very easy to call this Flow from Power Query or Power BI. First, create two parameters in…

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