Tutorial: How to Create a Star Schema Model in Power BI and Power Pivot Using Power Query

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Very often our analysis starts with a flat data set that contains all of the pertinent columns in a single table that looks like the one above.

As we can see, we can analyze this data using three different lenses or dimensions:

  1. Product
  2. Geography
  3. Date

Unfortunately, if we create a Pivot Table on top of that data set, the end result does not look particular user friendly as it essentially presents us with a flat list of all fields available for pivoting:

In this tutorial, we will learn how to massage the data using Power Query so that we can build a more user friendly model that looks like this:

Step 1 – Data preparation

The first thing to do is to load our data set into a Power Query environment so we can start massaging it. In our case, the dataset is…

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