Microsoft Says What They Really Think

Ich bin ja eigentlich nicht so mit Technologien verheiratet, sondern für mich zählt das Ergebnis. Und ob da VBA oder JavaScript dahintersteckt ist mir reichlich egal. Aber etwas nachdenklich macht mich dieser Blogbeitrag und auch die darin erwähnte Präsentation dann schon. Ich könnte eigentlich nicht behaupten, dass heute niemand mehr Excel oder Access mit VBA benutzt. Da habe ich eigentlich in vielen Controllingabteilungen genau das Gegenteil erlebt. Aber ok, die neueste Technologie ist es wirklich nicht und wenn man so sieht, wie Microsoft damit umgeht, hat man schon das Gefühl, dass hier nichts Neues mehr kommen wird. Auf der anderen Seite haben die neuen Webapps natürlich ihren Charme. Nur ob es damit möglich ist, komplexe Anwendungen zu erstellen, das lasse ich mal dahingestellt.

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Thanx to Debra over at Contextures for letting me know about this presentation from the Office 365 Garage Series:

What we’re seeing here is an open statement by Microsoft that full-featured client Office is dead and that we must all grasp onto the Web-based Office.  In fact they actually say that there is literally nobody using VBA or VSTO anymore at all … and that the future belongs to JavaScript and HTML5 using the Office Web apps.  To make their point they have a „Top 5“ cool things list (mentioning that usually it’s a top ten but they could only come up with  5 – oops 😉  ) …

I’d really like to know what the message really is here?  I know for a fact that the Web app for Excel and Access are sad shells of the capabilities of the core application.  I also know that many, many people…

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2 Antworten zu „Microsoft Says What They Really Think”.

  1. Avatar von Biggus Dickus
    Biggus Dickus

    I thank you for posting and commenting on my Posting.

    I am working from Google’s translator but your comments seem to refer to the fact that „new Webapps have natural charm.“ Hmmmm … Maybe so but to me that’s just another example of them „doing good demo“ .. creating software that creates sexy demos for use in presentations to get people excited about what they’re doing… Tragically I have seen so many demos over the decades like this of so much technology that went absolutely nowhere (Smart-tags, Scripting, XML features, early BI capability around 2000 (subsequently removed), and so many cool charts that I can’t keep them straight). I predict that Office Web Apps are exactly the same, all over again.

    I HATE having to be so negative (I spent decades evangelizing Excel and Access and VBA and having great success with REAL solutions). But I believe that what Microsoft is currently working on for Excel is a dead end and will just go the way of every other great attempt to sell a solution looking for a problem to solve.

    In the end spreadsheets and databases were built for a reason – to help business people manage their businesses. This is not „cool“, it is not „sexy“ but some really smart people who used to work at Microsoft figured out how to provide the right tools to get that done. Now the current holders of the franchise have completely lost any idea of what these products have been used for and why there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to satisfy the needs for many more years. And especially they don’t appreciate that what they are promoting is simply an insult to their customers and ultimately to their shareholders. While in the meantime they destroy the community that has developed to support the technology .. in the end leaving nothing. That’s progress?

    1. Avatar von selfservicebi

      Thank you for your reply.

      I have done quite a lot of professional Access developing in the past and present. I think you can do wonderful things with MS Access together with MS SQL Server as backend. But I always had to fight against the fact that almost every IT pro hates Access. I think this is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to sell professional Access applications.
      On the other hand I have done quite a few Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementations. And also here I have learned that Microsoft is heading for Power BI and even Word as report generators. So this is a fact and I have to deal with this new technologies. It’s not the question if this is cool or sexy it’s more like are you with me or are you against me.

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