Most of the focus on Power BI dataflows so far has been on the use of Power Query Online to load data from external data sources. However, when you create a dataflow you also have the option to attach an existing Common Data Model (CDM) folder stored in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2: The documentation […]

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Receiving files from business partners that don’t match the agreed requirements/formats causes all sorts of problems in daily business. I found it particularly disturbing during month-end closing when time is really tight: You have a strict rule in which order each process has to run and there are many dependencies on each other. So when…

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Microsoft PowerApps Office Add-In enables user to read, modify and insert data in CDS environment. Add-In is available for download here for free, or you will be prompted to install Add-In for first time when you open entity data in excel from PowerApps portal. Add-In establishes connection to PowerApps OData service. Note: Add-In is compatible […]

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Last week was Ignite 2018 time. A week full of announcements from all Microsoft product groups. Twitter and other social media channels were full of messages mentioning the news. For me – as a non-attendee – it was fun to read through the news flood – but hard to find a summary of all the […]

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I was super-excited when, a few days ago, the long-awaited integration of Power Query into Microsoft Flow was announced. I was then gutted when work commitments meant I couldn’t blog about it right away and Erik Svensen beat me to it with this excellent post showing how to push data from SQL Server via Power […]

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